Meet our Founder


Rose Gwet - Founder of Luxcey

Rose Gwet - Founder of Luxcey


From me to you...

Luxcey is gift I want to share without borders. I created each element using inspiration from my cultural mix between Cameroon and France, as well as my passion for travel and new experiences.

At the start, I designed this minimalist line for myself, my family, and my friends. These treats are part of my own daily rituals to connect with my body and soul that bring balance to my overloaded schedules and challenges.

Each product is named after a personal experience, a person that I love, or a dose of inspiration that crossed my path.

My inspiration from Rainforest

I was born in France, but while growing up my parents thought it crucial for me to spend a few years in our village in Cameroon to learn about my culture and heritage. This experience changed my life. Being surrounded by the rainforest, water, and wildlife, remained within me forever. I learned to respect Nature, its rhythms, its limits, and the simple rituals practiced by human beings and animals. 

The people taught me their daily rituals, and their minimalistic approach to beauty. It was both meaningful and sophisticated. They taught me to focus on the body as a whole. Rituals and simple, daily gestures, create a moment to take care without compromise. Repetition, simplicity and efficiency embody a unique way of living.



Meeting your needs and desires

After returning to France from many years in our village, I became my own skin chef in our tiny kitchen. At the time, I was suffering from eczema, acne, and extreme dryness on my body. It was in that moment, 14 years ago, that I decided to find peace within my body by exploring this creative passion. I started to formulate the most potent and multi-purpose treats from myself, and then for others. Using ingredients from our family kitchen, I watched the stunning results over time. On my own body, I experienced the power of nature in my busy urban world. 



I am beyond excited to share these treasures with you.

Avec Amour,