Creation by Fanny Amanda Nilsson


Sharing Rainforest Treasures

Luxcey offers a unique experience mixing pleasure, efficiency, respect and authenticity to achieve true wellness and beauty. The abundance of the rainforest and rituals of the people who live there harmoniously are the heart of our inspiration.


Escape daily to the heart of rituals

Our minimalist line embodies our invitation to rituals, true divine daily moments that come to real divine moments of everyday life to experience the rhythm of nature, to take time for oneself.


Infinitely rich but simple exploration

Our products are created with natural and noble ingredients with unique olfactory notes. They then become harmonious blends of textures, scents, colors, as an invitation to travel far away.

Beyond their simplicity and minimalism, our products are versatile to allow endless exploration for oneself.


All our products are made in Montreal (Canada) in our studio, with care and love.