Meet our Founder


Rose Gwet - Founder and Skin Chef - Captured in our studio in Montreal (Canada).

Rose Gwet - Founder and Skin Chef - Captured in our studio in Montreal (Canada).


From me to you...

Luxcey is a gift I want to share without borders. I created this gift being inspired by my cultural mix between Cameroon and France, as well as my passion for traveling and discovering other cultures.

I created this minimalist line for me, my family and my friends in a first place. These treats are part of my morning and evening rituals to connect with my own body and soul after days overloaded with schedules and challenges.

The name of each product embodies a personal experience, a person that I love or an inspiration that crossed my path.


Inspiration from Rainforest

I was born in France and my parents thought it crucial for me to spend a few years in my village in Cameroon to learn about my culture and heritage. This experience literally changed my life. The rainforest environment, the presence of water and wild life remain within me forever. I truly leaned to respect Nature, its rhythms, its limits and the simple rituals made by human beings and animals.

Also, the proximity and closeness I experienced with the people I was surrounded with taught me a lot about their daily rituals. Their approach to beauty is both minimalist and sophisticated through meaningful rituals, focusing not only on the face but on the body as a whole. Rituals are then simple, daily gestures that embody a moment to take care without compromise. Repetition, simplicity and efficiency embody a unique way of living among rainforest peoples.



Meeting your needs and desires

Back in France after many years our village in Cameroon, I started to become my own skin chef, in my tiny kitchen about 14 years ago. At this time, I was suffering from eczema and extreme dryness on my body, as well as acne on my face and my back. In addition to find peace with this creative passion, I started to formulate the most potent and versatile treats for myself, and then for others.

Using ingredients from our family kitchen and having stunning results with time, helped me to understand how powerful our nature can be. The natural ingredients I use to create our goodies are in either their raw, refined or cold process form. This includes vegetable oils, dried herbs and flowers, butters, sea salt, even volcanic black sand.

Each creation starts with an ingredient, a travel, a reading, a discovery, a souvenir, a scent, but above all, with my deep desire to offer radiant, rested, luminous skin by sharing simple rituals with powerful potions.



I’m excited to share these treasures with you.

Avec Amour,