Luxcey gathers gifts I want to share with as many women as possible. My Cameroonian roots as well as my French heritage have inspired me to create these treats. I want to take you on a sensorial and natural journey, inspired by my two cultures and my travels.


                                                                                                               Rose Gwet, founder and creative director at Luxcey

                                                                                                               Rose Gwet, founder and creative director at Luxcey

I was born in France and my parents thought it crucial for me to spend a few years in my village in Cameroon to learn about my culture and heritage. This experience literally changed my life.

The lush botanical environment I witnessed, the presence of wild life and water will stay with me forever translated as a deep respect of Nature, its rhythms and its limits.

Also, the proximity and closeness I experienced with the women I was surrounded with taught me a lot about their daily rituals. Their approach to beauty is simple yet efficient, focusing not only on the face but on the body as a whole, contrary to the Western world. In fact, women’s body and shapes are sacred.

Above all, my desire is that Luxcey promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps create healthy habits by ways of simple rituals and authentic ingredients reflecting the treasures from Central Africa.

I’m excited to share these rituals with you,

Rose Gwet - Founder of Luxcey


We connect health and beauty without compromise.



Many certified organic ingredients, cold-pressed oils, plant based waxes (non GMO),  recyclable and reusable packaging.


Parabens, phtalates, sulfates, fillers, gluten, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.